Download festival poster 2015 Art Design: Artemproot (Ukraine), Michael Pfister & Irena Germano (Switzerland)

Download festival poster 2015
Art Design: Artemproot (Ukraine), Michael Pfister & Irena Germano (Switzerland)

January 15-18, 2015
: Kino in der Reitschule, Café-Bar Turnhalle im PROGR
St. Gallen: Palace

The 6th edition showed documentaries and experimental movies about an ethnomusicologist in the jungle of the Central African Republic, experimental 8-bit Gameboy-musicians, the quick rise and fall of young Danish rapper Kidd, smart and wise street-musicians from Indonesia, rappers from the suburbs of Dublin, women in Ruanda who fight against their trauma of the Rwandan genocide with in their drum ensemble, Serbian musicians who blow leaves, Egypt musicians with subversive voices, and much more. Read our festival review on

Download Programmheft (German)

Background Articles on

Broken Song (Claire Dix, IRL 2013, 70’) * | Article (German)
City of Sounds (Janek Romero, EGY/GER 2014, 81’) * | Article (German)
Europe in 8-bits (Javier Polo, ESP 2013, 76’) | Article (German)
Jalanan (Daniel Ziv, INA/CAN 2013, 107’) * | Article (German)
Kidd Life (Andreas Johnsen, DEN 2013, 97’) * | Article (German)
Looking for the Perfect Beat (Matthew F. Smith, USA 2014, 51’) | Article (German)
Notes via a Soundscape of Bollywood (Gilles Aubry, SUI 2014, 32’) * | Article (German)
Song from the Forest (Michael Obert, CAF/GER 2013, 97’) | Article (German)
Sweet Dreams (Lisa and Rob Fruchtman, RWA/USA 2012, 84’) * | Article (German)
Syrian Metal Is War (Rough Cut) (Monzer Darwish, SYR 2015, 35’) * | Article
Unplugged (Mladen Kovacevic, SRB/FIN 2013, 51’) | Article (German)

* Swiss Premiere


Islam Chipsy, Mohamed Karam & Eslam Abdelfattah (EGY) | Article (German)
Phil Battiekh (SUI) | Article
Transforma + Yro (GER/FRA): BSYNTHOME | Article (German)
Xuman: Journal Rappé (SEN) | Article (German)


Radio-Feature: «Human Shields» by Bernard Clarke (IRL) | Article (German)


Gilles Aubry, James Costello, Rob Fruchtman, Andreas Johnsen, Mladen Kovacevic, Javier Polo, Janek Romero, Daniel Ziv


Artistic Director: Thomas Burkhalter | Production Bern: Thomas Burkhalter, Theresa Beyer, Hannes Liechti, Urslé von Mathilde | Production St. Gallen: Damian Hohl | Programme Booklet: Theresa Beyer, Hannes Liechti | Web & Communications: Hannes Liechti | Festival Poster: Artemproot, Michael Pfister & Irena Germano | Technics: Basil Oberli | Documentation: Karin Scheidegger

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Über die vergangenen Jahre hat sich das Norient Musikfilm Festival einen Ruf erarbeitet, der ihm vorauseilt. Dank eines weltweiten Netzwerks stellt das Festival ein einzigartiges Fenster zu lokalen Musikszenen weltweit dar, die sonst auf dem Schweizer Musikmarkt nicht vorkommen.
— Anja Wernicke, Schweizer Musikzeitung SMZ

Impressions 6th NMFF 2015

Photos by picturemaker, © Karin Scheidegger

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