Review - Day 2

«Words can be like tiny doses of arsenic: they are swallowed unnoticed, appear to have no effect, and then after a little time the toxic reaction sets in after all.» This quote of the german writer Victor Klemperer has never been more relevant than today. While he was talking about the hateful language used in the third reich to raise the acceptance of the holocaust by devaluating jews in a perfidious yet highly strategic way, today shouldn´t be less aware of the growing hate speech on social media within european countries, mainly aiming towards immigrants and refugees coming to european countries.

This is what the slovakian artist Samčo, brat dážďoviek is concerned about in his music video «The opinions of Slovak experts on tragical deaths of refugees». It shows Facebook entries of «normal» people ranting about refugees arriving in Slovakia in a violent way. Not just because the language used, but also in how the posts are made, coming along with photos of smiling people in suburban peaceful surroundings. The illustration of «nearly normalized» hate speech that is to be found all over Europe these days, reminded us once again: In a world, where nationalistic and racist ideas are disseminated in mutually private but actually publicly accessible spaces, one should be more aware about what’s happening beyond our cosy filterbubbles and the use of language than ever before.

This and the other videos from the eastern and middle european alternative music scene were presented by Lucia Udvardyova, blogger and founder of the inspiring music blog Easterndaze. Although the other video clips weren’t as politically delicate, they displayed a lively and creative music scene that´s concerned about the world we live in.

Mister D & Maria Strzelecka - Zona Pilkarza

Mister D & Maria Strzelecka - Zona Pilkarza  (PL, 2016) - 3:25min

Kyklos Galaktikos - I.N.R.I.

Kyklos Galaktikos - I.N.R.I. (CZ, 2012) - 5.47

The second part of the evening was devoted to the underground music scene of Bern with a live show of 80´s disco pop weirdo Jean Claude and synthesizer scientist Elektrobopacek.

Jean Claude live

Jean Cluade live at Rössli Bar.

Text: Philipp Rhensius
Photos: Karin Scheidegger

Review - Day 1

If our contemporary culture had to be summed up in one word, it could be: irony. Irony can be as liberating as it´s enslaving. It reveals illusions but can also easily lead to a dead end, where everything is sad because everything is funny, and everything is funny because everything is sad. This dialectic got obvious once again in the first block of Norient Musikfilm Festival, in which two cutting edge artists showed their idiosyncratic interpretations of our troubled times.

Hot Sugars Cold World

In the movie «Hot Sugar Cold World» featuring the US-american musician Hot Sugar, irony was present at any time. Surrounded by trashy fake aquariums and nostalgic cuddly toys in his New York City homestudio apartement, the twenty-something creates melancholic yet blurry instrumental hip hop made from his vast archive of self recorded samples made from anything - from the silence of a room with a dead body to firecrackers in an abandoned factory building.

In combination with the scenes about Hot Sugars private and emotional life, which appeared to be completely outsourced to the cold-hearted surfaces of social media, the movie turned out as a witty but also depressing portrait of what it means to be an artist in the 21st century that is stuck between a poorly-executed-bohemia-lifestyle and the vicious circle of favouring the online self over the physical one.


Two hours later the lithuanian musician J.G. Biberkopf did something totally different. His audiovisual live show «Ecosysmtes of Excess», a delicate combination of noise, ambient and musique concrete, which went along with stroboscope flashes and videos showing different non-places of south east asian metropolises, stayed as abstract and alienated as the fluidity of our existence can be. Here irony was never really present, but very strong in terms of its absence.

Dope Saint Jude

After some cathartic hours of audiovisual immersion the music shows of the south african rapper Dope Saint Jude and Berlin based dj Dis Fig were as refreshing as a cold mineral water in the desert, or no: a warming tea after an exploration to the North Pole.

Dis Fig

While Dope Saint Jude´s show rapped about the politics of gender bending, Dis Fig´s hyperenergetic DJ set ranging from footwork to jungle teached the euphoric dancers about the politics of the body.

Text: Philipp Rhensius
Photos: Karin Scheidegger

Article: Inside the Mind of Favela Funk

Samstag, 14. Januar 2017

14:00 Uhr: Inside the Mind of Favela Funk
Schweiz-Premiere, Regisseurin anwesend
Fleur Beemster & Elise Roodenburg
Niederlande 2015 – 68’
Originalton / Englische Untertitel

In Inside the Mind of Favela Funk tauchen zwei Regisseurinnen ein in die Welt des pornografisch aufgeladenen «Favela Funk», der Musik aus Rio de Janeiros sozial benachteiligten Gegenden. Der Film ergründet Zusammenhänge zwischen den Songtexten des Favela Funks und dem persönlichen, täglichen (Liebes-)Leben seiner Protagonistinnen. Ein Leben, geprägt von einer gesetzlosen Subkultur voller Drogengangs, Gewalt und Sex. Einblicke in aktuelle brasilianische Untergrundmusik und die dazugehörigen Geschlechterwerte. Read more.Facebook

Artikel von Daniel Haaksman



Mind, Body & Foot – Footwork in Photos

Dance is the music of the body. In anticipation of the screening of short film series In the Circle: Footwork in Chicago Video Selection at Norient, Wills Glasspiegel presents some of his collages and images of the Chicago based clubmusic and dance culture scene footwork in our magazine. Read it here.

In the Circle: Footwork in Chicago Video Selection will be screened on Saturday.

Saturday, 14. Januar 2017: ab 14:00 Uhr

Kino in der Reitschule Bern
Zwei Filme

14:00 Inside the Mind of Favela Funk (NED)
15:45 In the Circle: Footwork in Chicago (USA)

Facebook Event

Eintritt: 25 CHF / 20 CHF (reduziert)
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Easterndaze Mixtape: Strcprstskrzkrk

Freitag, 13. Januar 2017

20:00 Bonfire and Stars (RUS)
21:20 Eastern Europe Special (CZE/SVK)

Facebook Event
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21:20 Uhr: Eastern Europe Special
Presented by Easterndaze
Video Clips und Film (Regisseur anwesend)
Lucia Udvardyova, Tschechien – 110’

Jenseits von Folklore-Klischees und oft unterhalb des Radars der geschmackprägenden Musikpresse blühen und gedeihen alternative Musikszenen in Mittel- und Osteuropa: von elektronischer Musik und Noise bis zu ironischen Dekonstruktionen von traditioneller Musik oder von als Kitsch belächelten lokalen Stilen wie Manele und Chalga.

Lucia Udvardyova (Easterndaze) stellt uns die derzeit dringlichsten Video-Clips Osteuropas vor und präsentiert uns ihren derzeitigen Lieblingsfilm – ein Höhepunkt, das sei hiermit bereits verraten (Regisseur anwesend).


J.G. Biberkopf: «Clubs Are Conservative»

J.G. Biberkopf's music is as challenging as it is engrossing. On his new album Ecologies II: Ecosystems of Excess, he explores the way global politics shape the ecosystems of the earth. Read more in the interview on Norient Magazine.


Kino in der Reitschule Bern

22:15 Uhr: Ecosystems of Excess
Audivisuelle Liveperformance von J.G. Biberkopf
Vilnius, Litauen / Berlin, Deutschland – 50'

When you confront certain definitions of music, certain expectations of music that are dominant, you shouldn’t be surprised when faced with derision.
— J.G. Biberkopf

8. Norient Musikfilm Festival

Festival Poster & Programm Download

The 8. Norient Musikfilm Festival takes place between January 12 and 15 2017 at Kino in der Reitschule Bern, Palace St. Gallen and Le Bourg Lausanne. Highlights are 9 nominated documentaries, live acts Dope Saint Jude, J.G. Biberkopf, and Dis Fig, live presentations of short films and video clips by Wills Glasspiegel, and by Lucia Udvardyova from, and live acts and a bazar with underground music artists and labels from Bern.

The 8. Norient Musikfilm Festivals offers a rich program with documentaries, short films, video clips, concerts, dj-sets, a AV performance, and a bazar with underground music labels from Bern in Bern, St.Gallen and Lausanne between January 12 and 15 2017. The festival is linked with the Norient exhibition «Seismographic Sounds – Visions of a New World» that can be visited at Kornhausforum Bern between January 12 and February 15 – after its tour to Forum Schlossplatz Aarau, ZKM Karlsruhe, CTM-Festival Berlin, Castelgrande Bellinzona and Base Milano.

The 9 (of 160) nominated documentaries deal with rap in Tunisia, Reggae and Dancehall in the central prison of Kingston, Hispanic Punk in Los Angeles, Stoner Rock in the desert of California, Sexism in the Favela Funk of Rio, desert music of the label Sahel Sounds, and the two soundhunters Hot Sugar and Moe Pillar. Highlights are selected video clips and a nominated surprise documentary, presented by Lucia Udvardyova, founder of music blog Easterndaze. And short films around Afro-American Footwork dancing in Chicago, presented by filmmaker, photographer and journalist Wills Glasspiegel.

Norient is proud to present a new audio-visual performance by J.G Biberkopf, a concert by South African rapper Dope Saint Jude, and a dj-set by Dis Fig – all fast rising artists of today. Last but not least Norient – in close collaboration with Rössli Bar Bern – puts forward underground artists and labels from Bern, Switzerland: Ecstatic performer Jean-Claude, synthesizer fanatic Elektrobopacek - and the «Microscope Underground Bazar Vol.2», a meet and greet with local labels and artists.

Norient searches for new music, sounds and noises from around the planet. We discuss current issues critically, from different perspectives, close to musicians and their networks. Through the Norient Online Magazine, the Norient Musikfilm Festival, performances, books, documentary films, traveling exhibitions and radio programs we hope to orient and disorient readers, listeners and spectators. Find out about strong, fragile and challenging artistic positions in today’s fast moving, globalized, digitized and urbanized world. Enjoy, comment, share, skip and come back!