Review - Day 2

«Words can be like tiny doses of arsenic: they are swallowed unnoticed, appear to have no effect, and then after a little time the toxic reaction sets in after all.» This quote of the german writer Victor Klemperer has never been more relevant than today. While he was talking about the hateful language used in the third reich to raise the acceptance of the holocaust by devaluating jews in a perfidious yet highly strategic way, today shouldn´t be less aware of the growing hate speech on social media within european countries, mainly aiming towards immigrants and refugees coming to european countries.

This is what the slovakian artist Samčo, brat dážďoviek is concerned about in his music video «The opinions of Slovak experts on tragical deaths of refugees». It shows Facebook entries of «normal» people ranting about refugees arriving in Slovakia in a violent way. Not just because the language used, but also in how the posts are made, coming along with photos of smiling people in suburban peaceful surroundings. The illustration of «nearly normalized» hate speech that is to be found all over Europe these days, reminded us once again: In a world, where nationalistic and racist ideas are disseminated in mutually private but actually publicly accessible spaces, one should be more aware about what’s happening beyond our cosy filterbubbles and the use of language than ever before.

This and the other videos from the eastern and middle european alternative music scene were presented by Lucia Udvardyova, blogger and founder of the inspiring music blog Easterndaze. Although the other video clips weren’t as politically delicate, they displayed a lively and creative music scene that´s concerned about the world we live in.

Mister D & Maria Strzelecka - Zona Pilkarza

Mister D & Maria Strzelecka - Zona Pilkarza  (PL, 2016) - 3:25min

Kyklos Galaktikos - I.N.R.I.

Kyklos Galaktikos - I.N.R.I. (CZ, 2012) - 5.47

The second part of the evening was devoted to the underground music scene of Bern with a live show of 80´s disco pop weirdo Jean Claude and synthesizer scientist Elektrobopacek.

Jean Claude live

Jean Cluade live at Rössli Bar.

Text: Philipp Rhensius
Photos: Karin Scheidegger